At its heart, Physics is about discovering what lies behind everyday phenomena such as rainbows and red sunsets, as well as the more revolutionary concepts of quantum theory, relativity and cosmology. Physics forms the basis of much present and future technology and is a fascinating and stimulating area of study, requiring creative thinking.  

Students will learn about fundamental physical concepts in technological settings. Learning about how Physics is practised and used today and the impact which discoveries in Physics have had on the way people live, students will sustain and develop an enjoyment and interest in Physics.
The specification provides a smooth pathway from GCSE through to university courses in Physics and other related subjects where Physics is a key component such as Engineering.

With an AS or A-Level in Physics there are many available career paths: in the high technology and communication industries, in transport and aerospace engineering, in scientific research and development, in business and law, in education and training, in environmental sciences and meteorology, in medicine and health, in the world of media, broadcasting and consultancy.

Physicists can be found in many fields of work, actively contributing to the development of the world we live in.  

Sixth Form Physics

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