The ability to be able to think in a foreign language will give students higher powers of analysis and communication as well as opening up new horizons in social and job opportunities. At Longridge Towers we aim to inspire, challenge and motivate our students of MFL, offering them the opportunity to develop their linguistic skills alongside their understanding of the culture and society of countries where French, German and Spanish is spoken.

From 2016 a new and stimulating course content will include the study of technological and social changes, the artistic and cultural highlights and political developments within the country. Students will study texts and film and have the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of their choice.

Longridge Towers provides small Sixth Form classes where students can discuss in detail with the teaching staff any points arising during their studies.

Results have been impressive with many students gaining an A or B grade in recent years.  Some have gone on to continue their language at university, whilst others have joined an increasing trend of doing one language with another discipline (such as economics) to degree level.

Modern Foreign-Languages

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