Geography is unique in its study of human and physical patterns and the interaction of people and their environment in shaping the landscape.

Through fieldwork and the teaching styles employed we foster the key skills of decision making, problem solving and working with others.Underlying principles of the Geography Department:

To provide a curriculum that is challenging, interesting and relevant to current needs of society and which satisfies the requirements of the individual, the school, Examination Boards and National demands;

Ensure excellent standards of achievement across the whole ability range in geography.

Engender good attitudes towards work and foster a desire to appreciate the learning process.

To examine a wide range of contemporary issues affecting people and the world.

AS/A2 Level Geography

Teaching at A-Level is a more relaxed environment that at GCSE. Group discussion is encouraged as this allows individuals to develop their unique points of view. Geographical skills are an important element of the A-Level and these are developed as an ongoing aspect of classroom teaching. At Longridge we adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach to Geography. Not only are local areas used but there is also a residential field trip. In the past these have included visits to Malham Cove, Robin Hood’s Bay and The Lake District. As a department we are constantly enhancing this aspect of study. As a result we now run international field trips. Destinations have includedIceland,Sorrento and Barcelona.

What will it lead to?

Careers in Geography are varied and are constantly expanding. Environmental concerns and especially climatic issues have raised the profile of all aspects of Geography. The growth in the tourist industry worldwide has constantly kept Geography in its horizons. Popular courses pursued at Third Level Education by our Geographers include Environmental Science; Town & Country Planning; Geographical Engineering; Leisure & Tourism; Geology; Geophysics and Education.

Sixth Form Geography

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