The Extended Project is a stand alone qualification which offers pupils the chance to explore in depth an area of a subject which they are studying or a topic of particular personal interest. Completion of the project will stretch and challenge the most able students while complimenting the portfolio of discrete academic examination subjects that they are studying.

Pupils are required to plan, develop and deliver a piece of independent research, presenting their findings as a written report of approximately 5000 words or as a 1000 word report supported by an alternative media form presentation.

The skills that are targeted by the Extended Project Qualification are in demand by providers of Higher education and will be built on during a student’s undergraduate studies. As such, the qualification has been credited with a UCAS tariff. University Admissions Tutors are most interested in the EPQ. Some will use it as a discriminator for the most able students while other universities are more interested in the process a pupil has gone through in completing the project and the skills that this has developed. The EPQ demonstrates a capacity for independent learning and an ability to engage with something beyond the confines of the curriculum.

Extended Project Qualification

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