You will enjoy English Literature A-level if you like reading and discussing novels, plays and poetry, like exploring the imaginative ideas of others writers and want to develop analytical and creative skills, whilst relishing the challenge of balancing alternative opinions and arguing your own.

A good grade in A-level English Literature speaks volumes to universities and employers about the capacity to think for yourself and to communicate your ideas effectively. Perhaps more importantly the opportunity to study great literature offers all open-minded people a stimulating challenge. Reading English Literature is a personal voyage of discovery into human experience and imagination, as it has been expressed in written form over many years. English is an academic discipline where personal response, and the sharing of that response in discussion, is highly valued. It is not a subject for someone who finds discussion intimidating; in fact, what makes English enjoyable and interesting is the exchange of ideas, opinions and interpretations. You should never accept inertly received ideas, but be prepared to share your own viewpoint and respond to new perspectives that other readers suggest. To undertake the A-level course, you should therefore be someone who enjoys reading and talking about what you have read, and the effect it had on you, as well as having the desire to express your responses in the finely crafted written word.

Sixth Form English Literature

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