Economics and Business Studies is offered as one of the AS and A-level options at Longridge.

The mixed Economics and Business Studies course offers students an excellent opportunity to experience how the business world operates.

Why have mortgage rates gone down? What is the economic impact of a change of government? Why do I buy more at the supermarket than I intend? These are all questions that are answered within the Business and Economics classroom.

The uniqueness of this combined A-level course is such that there is more than a dual impact. The strong theoretical underpinning of Economics in tandem with the practical application of Business Studies enables the students to develop a strong understanding of the world in which they operate.

Practical sessions and trips are incorporated into the classroom study to enhance learning further and create opportunities for the students to have fun real life experiences. 


With its economics content, the Advanced GCE in Economics and Business will give students enhanced career choice and progression opportunities. This mixed course is ideal for all students who wish to read any Business or Economics related degree; and it aims to capture the imaginations of all budding entrepreneurs.

Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Economics and Business Studies (Edexcel):A variety of assessment techniques will be used: supported multiple-choice questions,data-response questions, case studies and a decision-making report.

AS Level - The Advanced Subsidiary qualification is built around an enterprise theme to enable students to think of a new business idea and how they might research and develop it.
Unit 1: Developing New Business Ideas
Unit 2b: Business Economics

A2 Level -The Advanced GCE will introduce students to international business, equipping them either to work in or to manage a business in an international context.
Unit 3: International Business
Unit 4b: The Wider Economic Environment and Business

Economics & Business Studies

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