First of all, this is not solely designed for the budding Daniel Craig or Clare Danes – there are other options available in both technical and design areas. It helps if you enjoy elements of acting and the theatre, but it is not the be all and end all. The course deals with different aspects of drama and theatre - it is not solely performance-based. That said, the practical modules are based around performance although you may not necessarily need to act.

The course includes a wide range of both written and practical activities which develop students’ knowledge and understanding of key skills; it provides particular opportunities to develop communication skills, which are integral to the subject, and also problem-solving. There is also a requirement to evaluate work in progress and identify strengths and weaknesses. Working as part of a team, acting on advice and feedback given and meeting deadlines are all essential elements of the course.

Lessons are carried out in the classroom and the theatre, as there are both theory and practical elements. Class sizes are small, which allows for a high level of individual attention. The working environment is relaxed but there is always the awareness of the discipline required for performance and exam preparation.

Students studying Drama and Theatre Studies in the past have gone on to do university courses not just in Performance and Acting, but also Media, Business Management, Event Organisation, Marketing and Therapy as well as English, Art and Psychology, to name but a few. A member of our current A Level cohort intends to become a future star in the world of contemporary theatre; watch this space!

Sixth Form Drama

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
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