"After arriving at school in a timely fashion, I proceed to the 6th form common room to unload my heavy bags. The 6th form group is quite small so I know everyone very well and can quite easily integrate into any one of the conversations that liven up this area of the school.

I choose instead to be early for registration and make my way down to assembly. We 6th formers sit proudly at the back of the assembly hall donning our business style outfits, and generally feeling like the most important people in the school, bar the teachers of course!

After assembly I make my way to my first lesson of the day, which is chemistry, where today we are learning how to calculate the pH of a weak acid. There are only 4 people in my chemistry class making it very difficult to hide away if you don’t know an answer. However the 4 of us regularly work together to gain a better understanding of this particularly challenging subject, so I suppose this is the benefit of a smaller class.

After chemistry I have a free double period. I spend this time in our designated study room, finishing the work that was set the lesson before. I find doing this straight after the lesson makes me remember the information better and also allows me to get quickly to the bottom of any problems I might have.

The 12 o’clock bell sounds signifying my favourite time of the day, lunchtime!  We make our way down to the lunch hall, where they’re serving chicken curry and bakewell tart with custard for pudding – delicious. After wolfing down my lunch I head outside for a kick about to clear my head after working hard all morning.

After my lunch break I’ve got maths. Surprisingly I’m looking forward to this lesson as I’ve been stuck on a homework question all of last night and I need to go over it with the teacher. Its amazing how the teacher effortlessly knows exactly what to do without even stopping to think, and it always turns out I’ve made a silly mistake somewhere in the working! After maths my final lesson of the day is biology. We’re studying ecosystems at the moment so this means some outside fieldwork. After examining several species of lichen, all of which look deceptively similar, we then compare how many different species are growing at each side of the school building, and by doing this we’re investigating the abiotic factors in the lichen’s environment.

After all my lessons are finished its time for enrichment. Tonight’s enrichment is senior orchestra, and Mrs Cheer has sprung a particularly fiddly violin piece on me, which will definitely require some practice at home, much to the delight of my parents. The great thing about the enrichment program is the sheer variety of activities you can take on, from martial arts to falconry, for example. And you can do all these activities alongside people you know, and in a very familiar environment.

After orchestra it is home time, and I need to get home to relax and prepare myself for another busy day at Longridge!’’

A Day in the Life of a Sixth Former

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