A-Level Computer Science is designed to prepare students for the real world. The ethos of the course is to encourage students to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically. In order to enjoy the course fully, a person should like to solve problems. The ideal student would be inquisitive in nature and creative in thought. In today’s rapidly changing world, the use of computers within industries and organisations is in constant flux. Those willing to embrace new ideas and explore modern technology thrive in this area of study.

Students acquire firm knowledge both through theoretical exams and structured practical tasks. In order to manage successfully, they are taught the importance of, and increased reliability on computing in the workplace. Students graduate with a thorough understanding of technology.

Those studying the course enhance their ability to do well during further academic study. There are many opportunities to study related degrees. Job opportunities within the industry are plentiful. Employers actively seek young people with Computer Science qualifications.  

Sixth Form Computer Science

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