The English curriculum at Longridge is centred on the study of great literature. In English lessons students will encounter a range of different texts from a variety of genres and forms, and develop their skills as sensitive, analytical readers. Alongside this pupils learn to express their own ideas and attitudes in sophisticated written work, in preparation for examination success within and beyond the English curriculum. Accurate and expressive use of spoken English is also championed within the school.

Senior English lessons at Longridge are engaging and dynamic, allowing students to experience a range of different learning styles. English teachers set very high expectations for their students and ensure all are properly supported to achieve their very best. This determination for excellence extends beyond the classroom into a wide a range of extra-curricular activities offered by the department, including public speaking and debating, creative writing groups and competitions, reading challenges, participation in the outstanding Poetry by Heart competition spearheaded by former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, and residential study trips; students have attended A level workshops and courses at Cambridge University, for example.

The work of the department is ably supported by the school’s professional librarian, who also teaches within the department; all Longridge students are encouraged to make use of the extensive, student-led school library, driven by our determination to find the right book to spark each child’s imagination. PTO


Each unit of work is themed and incorporates all aspects of the English framework strands (Speaking and Listening,Reading. Writing, Language) from a text based perspective. This enables learners to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired at Key Stage 2 and prepare students for the increasingly challenging programme at Key Stage 4.

Each unit incorporates: poetry, drama, spelling, punctuation, grammar, dictionary work and multi modality/ICT.

Forms 1-3 also have as part of their English studies a dedicated Library lesson once a week with guided work booklets and cross curricular projects to complete under the watchful supervision of the Librarian to support and extend their studies of key texts and topics. These projects range from visiting archivist helping students explore their family histories to producing masks for their studies of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as well as enhancing their research and study skills.                                                              



Literature is a compulsory part of English, which is a core subject in the National Curriculum - so everyone must take an assessed course (GCSE) in English at 16. English Literature (as a GCSE subject on its own) is optional, however it is part of the compulsory curriculum at Longridge unless special dispensation is awarded after careful discussion with the Head of English, Senior Management and parents. The department follows the AQA specification: English Language and English Literature and students will be awarded two separate GCSEs. In English Language 60% of the total marks will be based on Controlled Assessment tasks involving 3 Speaking and Listening tasks and 4 further written tasks. 40% of the course is tested under examination conditions. 

Controlled Assessment tasks count for 25% of the final mark in English Literature, with the other 75% of the course being assessed through written examinations.              



Pupils will develop their skills of oral and written communication, responding to the ideas of others as well as articulating their own creative, persuasive and discursive opinions.  In addition, they will continue to learn to react to film and media in a positive and active manner.

As well as classroom based teaching, students also have the opportunity to enjoy theatre trips organised by the Department to support their study of key examination texts as well as undertaking a Bushcraft Day run by Wild Harmony to further their  Literature studies and to complete one of their Speaking and Listening Assessments.







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