Pupils in the first three years of the Senior School all have regular Design Technology lessons. During this time they will develop new skills in graphics, electronics, wood, metals and plastics. Students are usually asked to attempt two projects which focus on a particular skill or area of study. They then are allowed to develop their own third project to suit their interests.


Pupils can opt to take a GCSE in Product Design. This encompasses all areas of Design Technology. In the first year of their course they will have an opportunity to use all of the machinery and equipment so as to become proficient when working with a variety of materials. Typically they will attempt a range of minor projects which will develop specific skills and team work. Towards the end of the first year they will begin their major project work. This project work counts for 60% of the GCSE grade and so a large proportion of the second year of the course will be devoted to it. Pupils will have support throughout the course through a range of technologies, including an online classroom which allows them to review each lesson and test their understanding.


We have a well-equipped workshop incorporating a variety of tools and technologies. Traditional hand tools are available for bench joinery projects, graphic design and textiles. Machinery for woodworking and engineering is also widely used. Most recently we have invested in Computer Aided Design and manufacturing equipment. We have a cutter plotter to make signs and sticker and a 3 dimensional printer which can make objects in plastics.

Senior DT

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