Permission for Absence

In order to request permission for a pupil to be absent from Longridge Towers School, we kindly request that you fill out the below form and submit it with at least two weeks’ notice for approval from either the Deputy Head or the Head of the Junior Department.

When requesting a planned absence we would very much appreciate it if you would give a full and detailed explanation for the request, and would ask that your consideration is given to the following:-

  • The proximity of the leave to exams or tests
  • The impact on your son/daughters learning and coursework
  • Other school events e.g. parents evenings, options evenings, sports fixtures etc.

Absence is authorised for sickness, unavoidable medical/dental appointments and exceptional family circumstances.  In the event of sickness or emergency medical appointments we do not require an absence request form to be completed but ask that you please notify the school office.  Absence will also be authorised for approved education activities such as taking part in sporting activities, educational visits, work experience and external courses.  

Download the form here

Permission for Absence

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