A half-term’s notice is required when any of the following services are no longer required:

School Bus Service:

The School has a fleet of 14 mini buses and contract one of its bus routes to a local operator and runs it for the benefit of parents on a non-profit making basis. Requests for new routes should be made to the Bursar. The service operates at the start and end of each School day, with a termly charge in advance according to the destination. The following routes are operated:

  1. Pyatshaw, Houndslow, Greenlaw, School
  2. East Linton, Dunbar, Cockburnspath, Grantshouse, School
  3. St Boswells, Kelso, Birgham, School
  4. Powburn, Wooperton, Wooler, Lowick, Bowsden, School
  5. Alnmouth, Lesbury, Alnwick, Warenford, Purdy Lodge, Belford, School
  6. Seahouses, Bamburgh, Beal, Scremerston, Farm Foods - Berwick, School
  7. Coldingham, Eyemouth, Ayton, Marshall Meadows, Castle Terrace, School
  8. Coldingham AM only: Old Cambus, Coldingham, Eyemouth, Castlegate, School
  9. Akeld, Milfield, Crookham, Cornhill, Coldstream, School
  10. Duns, Chirnside, Kelloe, School
  11. Hutton, Paxton, The Meadows, North Road, Castle Terrace, Northumberland Avenue, School
  12. Old Cambus, Press Castle, Coldingham, Eyemouth, Golden Square - Berwick School
  13. Castlegate, Golden Square, Tweedmouth, Shieldfield Terrace, School
  14. Orange Lane, Whitsome, Norham, School


Junior Department – Reception & Forms J1-J3       £2.86 per day 
Junior Department - Forms J4 – J6        £3.12 per day
Senior – Forms 1-5, Sixth Form       £3.12 per day

An excellent range of midday meals is provided. A termly charge is made in advance, based on the daily figures shown above. Parents who do not wish their children to take School meals should provide packed lunches each day. 

Music Tuition:                £17.00 per half hour lesson 

Instrumental music tuition is available for various instruments.  There are normally ten lessons per term.  Parents will be invoiced by the teacher.

Speech and Drama:      £60 per term for Group Sessions 

                                        £110 per term for 1 to 1 Sessions

Tuition is available in small groups or one to one, leading to examinations by The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Parents will be invoiced for this on the termly fee note.

Extra Termly Charges

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