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Whether you left in the 1980s or far more recently, we hope you will want to play an active and continuing part in the Longridge Towers School community.

We hope you can look back on your time here with affection. The trips, sports, drama and music productions will form strong memories for you. School days aren’t just about maths homework and geography projects. Friends made at school often remain so for life, but it is easy to lose touch in this global society and the school can be a focal point for reunions both here and in other places. 

In addition to the magazines we send out to alumni, we post articles on Facebook and comments on Twitter to keep current and former pupils informed.  We hope to post more articles from former pupils, telling of their adventures since Longridge Towers School, and how they remember those days here. We would very much like you to keep in touch with Longridge Towers School, to enjoy our special occasions, reunions and sports events. It may be that in the future, you could give some time to share your experiences with current pupils, and so enhance their learning experience and broaden their minds. We would like to develop mentoring opportunities and it may be that you would like to contribute, by offering a current pupil work placement in your business as part of our work experience programme.

We often invite former pupils to give talks at the school and this is something else we would hope to expand. Travel, expeditions, Gap Years and volunteering are all life enhancing experiences which build on the ethos of the school, which is to develop the whole person. So we would be very pleased to hear about any such adventures. If you find yourself trekking to the South Pole, your story will be exciting and inspirational, so do get in touch.

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